PTA Committees & Coordinators



Bake Sale Coordinator - position open
HGF PTA is in need of a bake sale coordinator for the rest of the year. Bake sales are held on the last Wednesday of the month (3rd Wednesday in February and April). The monthly time commitment would be from 8:15 - 10:30 or so and would include setting up the baked goods, overseeing the bake sale and cleaning up once all of the classes have visited. It would also be helpful if the coordinator would copy and send out a request for baked goods at the beginning of the month and a reminder notice the week before, but that is not required. Other parents volunteer to help, but we need someone who can be there every month. 

Restaurant of the Month Coordinator - position open 
HGF PTA is in need of a restaurant of the month coordinator for the rest of the year.  This person would be responsible for contacting local restaurants to schedule monthly fundraiser nights to benefit HGF. A list of participating restaurants that can be called to find out details of their fundraising programs will be provided. This person would also be responsible for sending out out notifications.


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